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On Sep 3, 2019, at 04:13 PM, Olaf Hartig <> wrote:
> However, the aspect of RDF* that you mention exists only when using RDF*/SPARQL* in PG mode. It is not clear yet whether we end up with proposing only PG mode, or only SA mode, or maybe both as alternative options.

Setting all else aside, I cannot be the only person whose eyes
and mind are glazing over a bit trying to keep track of RDF* vs 
RDF*/PG vs RDF*/SA vs RDF.

RDF is an acronym, from "Resource Description Framework".

RDF* is ... an acronym plus a splat?  "Resource Description 
Framework Star"?

And how are we to read the Modes -- "RDF-star Property Graph Mode" 
and "RDF-star separate-assertions mode", or PG-Mode (which puts me
in mind of the USA's motion picture rating system)?  As I'm reading 
this thread, these appear to be mutually incompatible -- but there's 
no obvious signal as to which mode is active on any given TURTLE* 
file (and what will that file's extension be?  Clearly, `TTL*` 
won't work, as it's both 4 characters, and includes a special.)

SPARQL* and TURTLE* hit me similarly.

Some will dismissively say this is just bikeshedding, but good 
naming matters, especially when things that *look* very similar
must be interpreted very differently -- such as TURTLE* vs TURTLE.

Even in this thread, RDF*/SA interpretations have been applied (by
the only person who could really be familiar with them) to data
which was meant (to the degree that the rest of us can do so) to
be read as RDF*/PG (since that's the only significantly publicly 
presented mode to date).

This sort of ambiguity leads to misinterpretation, misunderstanding,
lowered uptake, heightened confusion, and I fear, to an increased
derogation of any Semantic Web.

Just some further thoughts, as I try to keep up with this list.


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