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Service or repository of SHACL rules available? (like LOV or prefix.cc)

From: Konrad Abicht <abicht@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 13:35:41 +0200
To: public-rdf-shapes@w3.org
Message-ID: <5e667914-3485-92c3-b403-1016746f1219@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>

does anyone know a service (e.g. LOV or prefix.cc) or repository (e.g. 
on Github) which provides SHACL rules, grouped by target classes?

I would like to search rules by target class, for instance, foaf:Person. 
After getting a list, i would like to download certain ones and use them 
locally. Versioning or collaboration tools would be great too, so that 
the community may contribute to SHACL rules.

Thanks in advance!

Mit freundlichem Gruß / Kinda regards
Konrad Abicht

Leipzig University
Institute of Computer Science
AKSW Group
Received on Wednesday, 28 June 2017 14:48:36 UTC

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