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New SHACL Working Draft 2017-02-02

From: Holger Knublauch <holger@topquadrant.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 21:28:41 +1000
To: "public-rdf-sha." <public-rdf-shapes@w3.org>
Message-ID: <aa857566-c112-b3dd-6f73-108aa1894b73@topquadrant.com>
Dear all,

we are pleased to inform you that there is a new SHACL working draft 
available at


The WG feels that this document could be the last public working draft 
before moving to Candidate Recommendation status. We would therefore 
greatly appreciate any feedback (e.g. to this mailing list).

The remaining open and raised issues (currently 1) can be viewed here:


Note that previous versions included further SPARQL-based features. 
These will be published in separate document, likely a WG Note. Also 
note that we no longer maintain the Abstract Syntax document.

Holger on behalf of the RDF Data Shapes Working Group
Received on Thursday, 2 February 2017 11:29:18 UTC

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