comment about SHACL Status of This Document

This is a formal comment on: <>

I would like to review the Shapes Constraint Language as the Working Group draws towards having a completed document.

Mistakenly, I was waiting for a Last Call.

In lieu of a last call, the 2015 process doc, requires: <>

Every document published as part of the technical report development process
[…] must include information about the status of the document. This status information
must include expectations about next steps,

In the SOTD of the August 14 publication, no such expectations are set.
In particular, I would welcome information about whether the WG hopes that the next step will be to advance to CR, or whether the next step will be a further WD.

Thank you

Jeremy J. Carroll
(personal capacity)

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 18:27:16 UTC