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Ok thanks for chiming in. Better to discuss it directly :)

So the intention of using $scopeNode (in exactly that syntax) was to 
indicate that the variable *is* formally bound with the value of 
sh:scopeNode. The reason why I did not elaborate on this is that I 
didn't want to overburden that part of the spec. But I agree it is not 
clear as given. I have tried to clarify this:

If you refresh your browser on

you should see the newer wording. If that's an improvement, I can do the 
same for the other scope types. So: is this clearer, or what else would 
be needed?


On 8/07/2016 10:19, Tom Johnson wrote:
> Since it's apparently me (among others) under discussion at[0], I'll 
> chime in:
> My problem with the use of `$scopeNode` and similar is primarily that 
> these variables are not formally bound in what purports to be the 
> defining formalism of the language. The problem is not that these need 
> further (informal, tutorial-style) explication, but that leaning on 
> this construction makes the foundations of the language vague.
> I'm not asking for instruction on how to use the language; I'm looking 
> for enough clarity that I can implement it.
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