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Mapping from OWL 2 to SPIN

From: Bosch, Thomas <Thomas.Bosch@gesis.org>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 13:52:13 +0000
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Hi all,

February, I started to implement a mapping from OWL 2 to SPIN in order to execute RDF constraint validation automatically.
I did not work further on this mapping in the last 2 months.
As I follow the interesting discussions on the mailing list, I continue working on the mapping and will finish it in the next weeks.

So far, I have implemented the mapping of the majority of the OWL 2 constructs.
I think the implementation of the remaining OWL 2 constructs will be straight-forward.

Although, the mapping is not completely finished I would like to share the current status with you.

I will finish the complete mapping from OWL 2 to SPIN in the next weeks.

I pushed the files on a GitHub repository:

There you can find
- (1) the SPIN mapping: OWL2_SPIN-Mapping.ttl<https://github.com/boschthomas/OWL2-SPIN-Mapping/blob/master/OWL2_SPIN-Mapping.ttl>
- (2) generic test cases to show that each type of OWL 2 construct can be validated: OWL2_Constraints_Data.ttl<https://github.com/boschthomas/OWL2-SPIN-Mapping/blob/master/OWL2_Constraints_Data.ttl>
- (3) Java classes which can be used to execute the constraint checking automatically: ValidationEnvironment.java<https://github.com/boschthomas/OWL2-SPIN-Mapping/blob/master/ValidationEnvironment.java>, Spin.java<https://github.com/boschthomas/OWL2-SPIN-Mapping/blob/master/Spin.java>

I'm using the SPIN open source API.

Currently, I'm writing a demonstrator.
The input of this web application are constraints, data, and inference rules.
The output are constraint violation triples.


Thomas Bosch, M.Sc. (TUM)
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