Draft: SPIN Minimum Profile

Here is a draft for a minimum sub-set of SPIN that could serve as input 
to this WG:


I wrote this up quickly so there may be silly mistakes, but the main 
point I am trying to get across is that SPIN is really a very small RDF 
vocabulary that is easy to implement and hopefully easy to agree on as 
part of a standardization process. Of course there will be details to 
work out, but our starting point has been in production for over six 
years, and seems to work well.

To illustrate my point about SPIN templates to describe Shapes, please 
compare the example at


with the original Resource Shapes proposal at


We are really talking about very similar things here. A difference is 
that the starting point of SPIN is SPARQL, and I believe it has a nicely 
self-contained structure that requires only a single execution engine 
for templates and other, more expressive, constraints.

As a bonus, SPIN includes a simple solution for representing rules (for 
ontology mapping and inferences) and a semantic web-friendly mechanism 
to extend SPARQL engines with new functions. While those are not needed 
to represent "Shapes", I believe they are low-hanging fruits that will 
appeal to a very large technical audience and generally open up new use 
cases for semantic web technology.


Received on Wednesday, 23 July 2014 12:23:43 UTC