Re: Getting access to HTML WG CVS [was: Henri's RDFa statements in the XHTML2 FAQ]

"Michael(tm) Smith" <>, 2009-07-08 12:54 +0900:

> Sam Ruby <>, 2009-07-07 13:34 -0400:
> >  If you need access to the cvs repository for the HTML Working Group,
> Note: That repository is /sources/public/html5 on our public CVS server.

Some reasons why it would be worth taking time to check in drafts
there and manage them there instead of elsewhere:

We have shared facilities set up there already for things like automatically
sending notifications of checkins to an archived mailing list -- 

And along with, we have a mechanism for generating diff-marked HTML
copies (that is, with color-coded change highlighting) for new versions
of editor's drafts), with notifications of those going to yet another
list -- (my
mechanism for actually generating those is currently turned off because
I need to make some fixes to it, but I can say that if we get some more
editors contributing, it will motivate me to fix that).

And along with those mailing lists, I have some simple stuff set up that
causes checkin notifications to be echoed to the #html-wg IRC channel,
as well as to

My point in mentioning those things is that if you have a draft that you
contribute as an editor, those are all mechanisms that would give your
draft visibility as an actual contribution to the work of the group, and
to put it on the same footing as an editor's draft being managed by any
other member in the group.

As far as what happens next beyond just having something in that
repository as an editor's draft, see my previous message:


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