Re: Henri's RDFa statements in the XHTML2 FAQ

Ben Adida wrote:
> Sam Ruby wrote:
>> The current HTML5 draft special cases the SVG and MathML namespaces.
> And the HTML5 folks are complaining about the RDFa design? :)


>> What is currently in the HTML 5 draft has not yet been found to enjoy
>> consensus.  I encourage people to work with the editor to get changes
>> that they feel necessary made to this draft.
> To date, Ian's approach has been far from that of an impartial editor
> with whom such differences can be worked out. Manu tried, really hard,
> for a long time, at which point Ian dreamed up microdata. Let's stop
> pretending that this is a viable path.

Fair enough.

>> As an alternative, I encourage people to produce drafts, possibly including as much or as
>> little of the current draft and submit them for consideration.
> Maybe that's a more viable option. Is this how the HTML WG intends to
> receive contributions from other w3c groups, by forking the spec?

With only one quibble that is of no consequence, the answer is yes.

The quibble: I believe that in order to produce a draft with the intent 
of being considered a product of the HTML Working Group, one must be a 
member of that group.  Fortunately, we the Working Group has a policy of 
being open to all that wish to contribute, so effectively this is not a 
barrier at all.

> -Ben

- Sam Ruby

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