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Re: Non-XHTML host languages for RDFa

From: Steven Pemberton <Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl>
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 16:01:54 +0100
To: "Shane McCarron" <shane@aptest.com>, "Steven Pemberton" <Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl>
Cc: "Mark Birbeck" <mark.birbeck@webbackplane.com>, "Ivan Herman" <ivan@w3.org>, "Toby Inkster" <tai@g5n.co.uk>, "RDFa Developers" <public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org>
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On Tue, 01 Dec 2009 15:43:29 +0100, Shane McCarron <shane@aptest.com>  

> Steven Pemberton wrote:
>> That's the current state of play if you have some SVG in the middle of  
>> some XHTML. SVG defines a different set of keywords to XHTML.
> Err... what?  Are you suggesting that RDFa embedded in SVG *today* is  
> using different reserved words than those defined by the default  
> vocabulary?  If so, that would imply that no RDFa processor I know of  
> would raise triples out of that correctly.

It's what the SVG spec says, that's all.

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