Re: review of current draft of 'RDFa syntax (Jan 25th, 2008)'

Diego Berrueta wrote:
>> Section 5.5.9 states that anything with a blank datatype should be
>> treated as a plain literal. The only time that you do not recurse is
>> when the type is rdf:XMLLiteral.
>> We do not have a unit test that tests this particular functionality yet,
>> but we will add it in the next week or two.
> I think you've already answered it, but my actual question was: can you
> confirm that the triple:
>   dbpedia:Albert_Einstein foaf:familyName "Einstein".
> is part of the outcome of processing the fragment above? Ie, does the
> parser descend recursively to the children of an element that contains
> @datatype=""?

Yes, confirmed. The triple:

dbpedia:Albert_Einstein foaf:familyName "Einstein" .

is generated in the example that you gave. The only thing that would
cause that triple to NOT be generated is if the datatype were set to
"rdf:XMLLiteral" OR datatype was not specified.

If the datatype is not specified, and the descendent elements contain
XML elements, then the datatype is assumed to be "rdf:XMLLiteral".

-- manu

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Received on Monday, 18 February 2008 16:30:16 UTC