The RDF/A Marketing Site

Hi all,

One of my tasks [1] is to come up with a "marketing" plan for RDF/A,  
to get the word out, to have a central site to send people to when  
they want information.

Please consider this Plan a *proposal*. Nothing is set in stone,  
everything is up for debate, and this plan should be rev'ed.

PLAN for RDF/A Marketing Site
(Version 0.1 of Plan, 2006-04-07)

We'll call it "The Site" for now.

1) A New Name
I support the idea of picking a new name that is more marketable than  
'RDF/A'. This is our last opportunity to think of a better name  
before we have to stick with it. The name should attempt to convey  
some of the following concepts: HTML, web, extensible, embedded.

Some Ideas to get us started (yes, some of these are strawmen, but  
strawman-status is in the eye of the beholder):
HERMES - Html Embedded Rdf Metadata with ExtenSibility
XIM - Xtensible Interoperable Metadata
WebMIM - Web Meta Information Module

(please submit more ideas!)

2) Specs and Stable Code
All of the following should live at the W3C domain:
- official W3C Specs
- stable code that people might come to rely upon (e.g. Javascript  
parser for RDF/A).

3) Components of The Site
	a) Repository of Use Cases and Tutorials for RDF/A with detailed  
code examples
	b) Repository of Presentations on RDF/A
	c) Links to all W3C specification documents
	d) Links to all implementations
	e) Blog to announce all of the above

4) Back-end of Site
	a) hosted by CC (thanks CC!) for now
	b) simple, open-source CMS (Drupal or otherwise), possibly just blog  
software and HTML + Apache SSI if CMS is too time-taking to  
administer (we have limited time)
	c) wiki? probably not at first, maybe eventually as community  
interest grows.



Received on Friday, 7 April 2006 20:29:15 UTC