Re: styling summary

On 29/12/2009 17:09, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> OK, I fixed the IE8 problem ... by making changes to a comment in the
> DTD. Don't ask me why. I don't understand DTDs. But rq25.xml renders
> correctly via http in IE8 now.


> So now Firefox and IE8 are OK from the Web. Chrome still doesn't quite
> work for me, but I think it might be due to plugins I have installed.
> Can someone else please check this?

Chrome works for me.  file: and http:

Safari works for me too.  file: and http:

> I still can't get FF to render rq25.xml using the XSLT when served from
> a file:// URL though.

Nor can I.  For me, it does not recognize it's XML but I have been 
putting that down to competition for file extensions on my machine.

> Lee


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