ACTION summary

Below is a summary of the open actions we currently have. We might not want to go through all actions in the TC 
today to not loose time on the draft discussion, so I just start with those actions which can be probably closed:


ACTION-134: Steve and Andy to figure out what happens with SELECT ( _:b1 AS ?blank)
I'd suggest to close ACTION-134 referring to
probably convert it into an issue?

ACTION-135: Steve to summarize Query security issues in security section once document has been merged
I'd suggest to close ACTION-135 re:
Shall we task Steve to link issue-19 from there?

ACTION-136: Axel to ask Paul to look at security section in Update document
I'd suggest to close ACTION-136 re:
Shall we task Paul to link issue-19 from there?

ACTION-144: Paul to start conversation in an email about uses cases for INSERT / DELETE
can be closed?

ACTION-154: Sandro to work with birte to figure out video conference facilities for F2F3.
Can this be closed re: ?


I would leave the following actions open for the moment, not having enough information about them, 
if anyone thinks different, let me know:

ACTION-70: open
ACTION-77: open
ACTION-116: open. Does the note on RESTful-ness in 
 discharge this action?
ACTION-126: open
ACTION-130: open
ACTION-131: open
ACTION-132: open
ACTION-146: open, cf.
Paul, do you suggest to close issue-20? I would still like to draft some examples on that involving empty graphs.
ACTION-150: open
ACTION-152, ACTION-150, ACTION-149, ACTION-148: although some mails have been sent, I suggest that these should 
all be put consistently in a separate subsection "Changelog" under the "Status" section and thus leave them open.

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