Re: ISSUE-48: Less verbose delete syntax

On 22 Nov 2009, at 16:05, Andy Seaborne wrote:

[snipped a lot]

> My current preference is:
> where X is BGPs + GRAPH + FILTER.
> (The question for me is more whether we should do less, not more,  
> than that.)

I think my preference is BGPs + GRAPH only. Possibly no bNodes too,  
depending on what the exact semantics of bNodes are in this case.

I'm not really adverse to FILTER, but I have systems where optmising
DELETE WHERE { ?x a <Foo> } etc. is really easy, but
WHERE { ?x a ?type . FILTER (REGEX(STR(?type), "Foo")) } (i.e.  
anything that doesn't trivially optimise down to algebra expressions)  
is hard to do. Personal bias :)

Would be nice to have some form of DELETE that will always be fast,  
relative to the amount of data it has to remove.

- Steve

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