Re: ISSUE-48: Less verbose delete syntax

Steve Harris wrote:
> On 21 Nov 2009, at 14:21, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
>> On Tuesday 10. November 2009 11:26:15 Andy Seaborne wrote:
>>> So my conclusion is that we can get BGPs, GRAPH, FILTERs to work
>>> without  changign the template instantiation process but the graph
>>> combinations operations to work requires changes to the template.
>> So, this debate died out, and I feel that it means that we have rough
>> consensus and that can resolve this on the next teleconf.
>> How about voting on this:
>> PROPOSAL: In cases where the WHERE clause only consists of BGP, GRAPH and
>> FILTER, the template may be omitted from the a  DELETE [ FROM <uri> ]* {
>> template } [ WHERE { pattern } ] query.
> I feel that the consensus was more on:
> DELETE [ {template} ] WHERE { pattern }

Kjetil says omitting the template, so I think you are saying the same thing?

Oh, I see, the grammar there says the opposite of what the English says.

I think?


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