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Rough minutes from last week's meeting (2009-10-27)

From: Lee Feigenbaum <lee@thefigtrees.net>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:10:07 -0500
Message-ID: <4AEF2E8F.7090906@thefigtrees.net>
To: SPARQL Working Group <public-rdf-dawg@w3.org>
Apologies for how rough these minutes are.

scribing ISWC meeting

Chair: Axel

Axel will work with Sandro to figure out minutes from last time - 
problem with Common

Scribe: LeeF


CG discussion on URIs to use for entailment regimes
Conclusion was converging to 2 sets of URIs
   one for entailment regimes
   one for OWL fragments

Lee: is this for service description?

Axel: for service description, we're not sure whether entailment goes in 
at all or whether

entailment is part of the dataset description

Greg: we have a way to describe it if it applies to the whole data set, 
but not if it

applies to a single graph

Axel: choice is OWL Direct Semantics and OWL RDF Semantics?

Birte: Yes

topic: F2F agenda

Axel: we have a rough agenda, some things have arised which will cause 
us to swap elements

of the agenda

... HCLS sees meeting with other WGs on day 1 - 3:30 to 5 . We can swap 
from day 2 to day


Lee: people that are involved remotely won't be involved anyway

EricP: we probably don't have 90 minutes worth of interesting conversation

Axel: we'll probably join around 4pm anyway

EricP: agenda is: tell HCLS group about SPARQL, RDB2RDF, RIF, OWL, 
POWDER - go over nearby

specs. If you think that any of that would be interesting to collaborate 
on, we can do it

in the same room.

Lee: We should be pretty flexible in the afternoon because we have such 
a small group in


Eric: Why don't we collaborate on some slides for the useful discussion 
with HCLS

Axel: especially around hCLS?

Eric: we could do that for examples, but not necessarily necessary

Axel & Eric: we may want to coordinate the slides so that groups can 
come & go for

interesting parts

ACTION: Axel to write to chairs of RIF and RDB2RDF to coordinate 
discussions with HCLS

topic: F2F Agenda

Axel: day 1 idea was to to do query issues in the morning and test cases 
and other issues

in the afternoon. afternoon will swap with day 2.

...day 2 morning will concentrate on update and other query issues, and 
afternoon will now

be test cases.

Lee: is there anything with service description that benefits from F2F?

Greg: I think most of the discussion is OK over email.

Lee: Since Greg will be there in person, why don't we discuss service 
description in person

in the afternoon and come back to the group with the results

Greg: We might be able to begin looking at what VoiD integration would 
look like in

Simon: discussion of whether insert patterns should include GRAPH or 
just be based on

CONSTRUCT templates

Lee: we probably can't expand CONSTRUCT templates to include GRAPH 
becaues there's no

standard seriazliation of named graphs

Axel: we should probably discuss this in the context of update on Day 2 

Birte: entailment issues discussion?

Lee: Would like to organize a separate teleconference to hash through 
key entailment issues

outside of normal TC time

ACTION: Birte to organize teleconference to discuss key entailment 
issues following


<discussion of -comments list discussion about LET and assignment; 
consensus that there is

no new information but implementors are moving in the direction of 
adding LET to their

implementations, can use service description to clarify what's supported 
and standardize

next time around>


<discussion of bad subselect example in F&R document>
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