just before we start... agenda now reflecting last TC's agreements


I updated the agenda http://www.w3.org/2009/sparql/wiki/Agenda-F2F2
i) reflecting what we discussed last week (i.e. meeting with HCLS  
today instead of day 2)
ii) inserting the relevant Query related issues for aggregates and  

As for the first session, I plan to quickly run through the issues  
list mainly on query related issues which are not covered already in

Looking throught the open issues list I found the following Query  
related issues:

ISSUE-3 ... looks like it can be closed?
ISSUE-4 ... looks like it can be closed?

ISSUE5-7... on the agenda

ISSUE-8 ... datsets for subqueries: looks open. but in current draft,
we don't have dataset clauses in subselect production and it is not  
flagged... is that agreement,
can we close that?

ISSUE-10 ... on the agenda

ISSUE-11,12  ... looks like it can be closed?

ISSUE-13 ... is on the agenda

ISSUE-14/15 ... Function library TF

ISSUE-27 ... on the agenda
ISSUE 35 ... on the agenda
ISSUE-41 ... on the agenda
ISSUE-50 ... on the agenda

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