RE: Gathering issues for F2F

Steve and Andy came up with a list of things that might be usefully discussed F2F, 

1/ How does the algebra of query fit with SPARQL/Update?

Query and update are linked - does update bring any issues to matching the two conceptual models?  What about datasets and graph stores?

2/ Test cases: process and practice for capturing designs in test cases and building up a test suite.

3/ Sort through issues list and make sure the wording makes sense.

The issues can be a little hard to understand after time has passed.  By being face-to-face, it would be a chance to refine the wording in the light of the time since the issue was first added.

4/ Language tags.  

SPARQL filters do not require implement understanding of languages tags.  Is this a good thing or should it be changed?  At the moment it's an error and an extension point but RDF has language tags so graph matching already takes it into account.  (see recent sparql-dev).


Received on Tuesday, 20 October 2009 16:31:31 UTC