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On 13 Oct 2009, at 14:52, Gregory Williams wrote:

> On Oct 13, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Alexandre Passant wrote:
>>> I suggest a common super-property of sd:languageExtension ,  
>>> sd:extensionFunction, sd:supportedEntailment
>>> sd:feature > sd:languageExtension
>>>> sd:extensionFunction
>>>> sd:supportedEntailment
>> I'm also wondering that we may need a property sd:supportedSubset  
>> (?) (also subproperty of sd:feature) that links to the upcoming  
>> URIs for Query/1.1, Update, etc.
>> So that we can say that endpoint X support SPARQL/Query 1.1 but not  
>> Update, and that endpoint Y supports only SPARQL/Query 1.0
> Very related to this is an issue marked at the bottom of the document:
> "@@ Add URIs for language subsets? Query1.1, Update, "safe", etc.?"

Indeed - that's why that question came to my mind
However, I didn't see the "?" in that sentence - so my answer would be  
yes, we probably need some URIs for these subsets (at least query /  
update imo + versioning).

> Do you think we need a specific sd:supportedSubset property, or  
> would the sd:feature superproperty that Andy suggests be enough (in  
> combination with URIs for the various subsets)?

I'll prefer a subproperty.
Directly using sd:feature will imply that, if one asks for  
"ex:endpoint sd:feature ?x" using a SPARQL engine that supports  
subproperty transitivity, he'll get an answer that contains a mix of  
extensions, entailment and supported subsets - having a way to  
directly get the subsets would be better.


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