Re: all facets covered, list of tests to approve:

* Lee Feigenbaum <> [2007-08-17 21:31-0400]
> ...shows that the tests under data-r2/* now cover all of the facets 
> identified by Eric. We've also taken extensive tests from ARQ, a couple of 
> tests from SteveH, and some tests from Chimezie to cover more complicated 
> algebraic constructs.

The coverage report had a mis-informed entry in it 'as the code was
assuming that all the .rq files were part of the test suite. None of
the open-world/sameTerm .rqs are parts of tests so this entry was bogus:

<a href="data-r2/open-world/sameTerm.rq" title="BuiltInCall-sameTerm">1</a>

The attached diff provides 3 tests for sameTerm. Should I commit it?

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