all facets covered, list of tests to approve:

...shows that the tests under data-r2/* now cover all of the facets 
identified by Eric. We've also taken extensive tests from ARQ, a couple 
of tests from SteveH, and some tests from Chimezie to cover more 
complicated algebraic constructs.

Repeating the steps from

The updated query for unapproved tests is at tells me that the tests left to approve are:

         "Join operator with OPTs, BGPs, and UNIONs"

         "Join operator with Graph and Union"
         "Complex optional semantics: 1"

         "Complex optional semantics: 2"

         "Complex optional semantics: 3"

         "Complex optional semantics: 4"

         "Builtin sort"

         "Function sort"

         "Expression sort"

Of these, the first 6 are Chimezie's tests, which I think have now all 
been examined and should be correct. The last 3 are sorting tests I 
added to cover sort methods other than simple variables.

Please submit implementation results for these tests when you can, as 
we'll approve them first thing on Tuesday.


Received on Saturday, 18 August 2007 01:32:12 UTC