Agenda - 12 Jun 2007 @ 14:30UTC

My sincere apologies for the lateness of this week's agenda. It's standard 
fare tests and implementation report material. I've moved a few tests over 
to data-r2, and proposed that we look at more tests that haven't yet been 
migrated, telecon time permitting.

See you at the call today.


0. Convene [1]RDF Data Access WG meeting of Tuesday, 5 June 2007
at 14:30:00 UTC
         + LeeF chairing
         + teleconference bridge: tel:+1.617.761.6200 
tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152 code:7333
         + on irc at: irc://
         + Scribe: @@
         + Regrets: EliasT
         + roll call
         + approve 5 Jun minutes [2]
         + next meeting 19 Jun. @@ recruit scribe
         + agenda comments?

1. Review ACTION Items

These actions appear DONE:

Let's check on the status of the following actions:

-- misc --

ACTION: ericP to poke IETF folks about registering SPARQL media types 
(esp. application/sparql-query)
  (waiting on CR publication)

-- implementation report --
ACTION: AndyS+EricP: Run through an example in yacker
ACTION: EricP to run the yacker tool over and annotate the existing tests 
to summarize coverage
ACTION: ericP &  chimezie to see if all the identified algebraic forms fit 
into the XPath-based facet approach
ACTION: ericP to walk through one full example of representing an 
algebraic expression using the XPath-based facet stuff
ACTION: EliasT to come up with feature list for protocol testing

-- tests --
ACTION: ericP to write a test showing that langMatches doens't do extended 
ACTION: ericP to get in touch with SteveH re: setting up an environment to 
generate an Overview page for tests in data-r2 a la
ACTION: ericP, jeen, or LeeF to update with info on possible 
results format and on changes to manifest and test vocabularies

2. Publication status (CR, results formats)

Short update.

3. Test progress

If there hasn't been any other work on tests, I'm going to propose that we 
examine* the following sets of tests during the telecon:

data-r2/optional-filter (moved and renamed from data/Expr1)

data/OpenWorld (all but date-3 pass in EricP's run)
data/Expr2 (boolean effective value tests, all pass in EricP's run)

*examine = run through implementations, eyeball, and fix/approve

4. Implementation report progress

Anything to report?


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