SPARQL QL changes since 21 July LC WD

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here's what I came up with.

It was a very inexact process. Odds are good that
I missed something important/relevant. Bonus points to anybody
who finds one.

G. H. Change Log
In addition to the changes marked in progress using this style, changes
since the 21 July 2005 Working Draft include design changes:

      * changed parsing of numeric literals so that 2.0 denotes a
        decimal rather than a double. Also fixed missing negative number
        syntax (e.g. -2.0) in the grammar.
      * added isIRI as synonym to isURI
      * Added langMatches function
      * @@what to say about datatype("abc") from rev 1.509, 1.510 ???
      * revised truth table for filter expressions to respect
        implementor expecations in propagating unknown/error conditions
      * revised Query Term Syntax details regarding redefined namespace
        prefixes (@@change or clarification? relevant tests?)
      * revised grammar for IRI references and clarified
        extra-grammatical constraints. Resolved a number of fine details
        in relative URI/IRI handling.
      * revised grammar to allow "_" at start of variable names
      * revised grammar to be LL(1) for convenience of implementation,
        resulting in some small language changes. Clarified escape
      * extended the scope of the < operator (and hence the way sorting
        works) to cover strings as well as numbers
      * added a application/sparql-query media type section
      * added B Security Considerations in response to Bjoern Hoehrmann

and significant editorial changes:

      * new section on Conformance collects relevant information in one
      * cleaned up References section, especially citations for Unicode,
        XML grammar notation, [RDF-MT], [RFC 3066], [XPATH20],
        [XMLSCHEMA-2], [XML11]
      * clarified that the return type of DATATYPE is rdfs:Datatype
      * removed sop: notation, which wasn't really a namespace
      * added Querying Reification Vocabulary example
      * clarified abbreviations such as [:p :q] and (1 2 3)

Dan Connolly, W3C
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