DATATYPE("abc")=string? note

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2005-11-15T15:28:13Z <DanC_lap> PROPOSED: to publish 1.538 +
                     EBV/valueTesting note, plus
		     rdfs:Datatype/DATATYPE change in table, 
                     DATATYPE("abc")=string? note, plus, we hope,
		     edited changelog by DanC
I've updated the DATATYPE function definition and appended the
<issue/> below:

rdfs:Datatype   datatype (rdf:literal arg)

If arg is a typed literal, as defined in Resource Description
Framework (RDF): Concepts and Abstract Syntax [CONCEPTS] Section 6.5
"RDF Literals", datatype returns the datatype URI of arg. It produces
a type error if arg is an untyped literal.

  A literal is a Unicode string, which correlates to an
  xsd:string. There is some interest in changing the last sentence of
  the preceeding paragraph to

    It produces a type error if arg has a language tag, and returns
    <xsd:string> if arg is an untyped literal without a language tag.

  This would make "asdf" and "asdf"^^xsd:string indisguishable to
  standard SPARQL queries. Some data maintenance queries (those
  searching for untyped literals) would require extension functions,
  and all untyped literals with no language tag would follow RDF
  Semantics xsd:string entailment. Please send related comments to

Anyone have wording improvements?

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