str() and bNodes

A while back I had some concerns over the change of behviour in the
current rq23 draft w.r.t. bNodes.

Suppose you have a load of biblographic entries which have dc:source data
attched, you wish to return the data which does not come from
A reasonable query might look like:

SELECT ?thing ?source
WHERE { ?thing dc:source ?source .
	 FILTER(!regex(str(?source), "")) }

Which works fine for things like

[ dc:source <> ]
[ dc:source "" ]

but does something unexpected for expressions like

[ dc:source [ a :Library ; dc:title "Library of Congress" ] ]

Its not a huge problem, but its worth noting. Its seems a bit odd that
str(<http://foo/>) is fine and str("1.0"^^:footSize) is fine, but
str(_:a) rasies a type error.

- Steve

Received on Wednesday, 9 November 2005 11:38:11 UTC