Re: On told-bnodes in queries

>We have formalised very simply the l3 condition in our semantics 
>document <>, along the lines 
>I was telling yesterday. We added an annotation on variables in 
>queries: "Variables may be annotated with a set of elements of RDFT 
>- to restrict the possible assignments of variables". And we added a 
>condition in the definition of query answer: "if a variable is 
>annotated with a set of elements of RDFT then S must map that 
>variable to one of these elements". As simple as that.

That is conceptually simple, indeed, but the annotations will require 
revising the SPARQL test cases and changes to the SPARQL syntax.

>Please check it out. Comments welcome.

OK, but in an earlier email I suggested that l3 should be weakened in 
a significant way, which permits a simpler approach to be used. If 
that suggestion is accepted then I think much of this is no longer 



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