Leaving the working group

hi all,

after a long period of absence mainly due to personal reasons I  
decided to resign from the RDF Data Access Working Group.

Libby Miller from Asemantics S.r.l. will take over my position inside  
the WG from next days. Sure she will provide high quality support and  
feedback about the SPARQL specification/s and related work.

Even if I could not fully contribute to the great work done by others  
inside the WG, it has been a very positive and constructive  
professional experience for me. Working together with such a dynamic  
and channeling group of people.

I am glad to see that the SPARQL specifications are tremendously  
growing and approaching the Proposed Final Draft stage; and wish you  
all good luck for the final phases, and publication process. Long  
life to RDF!

Thank you



Received on Wednesday, 26 October 2005 14:36:51 UTC