Re: machine consumable SPARQL grammar

Dan Connolly wrote:
> So our grammar is now LL(1).
> But to directly consume the current draft (1.511 ) by machine,
> I guess you have to copy and paste the table or something.
> I think we have yacc and n-triples versions of the grammar.
> Please add those to the draft, OK, EricP or Andy?

No problem.  It isn't just yacc anyway.


I'd also like to see that the generated parsers can in fact parse the test 
suite syntax tests as a sanity check.

> i.e. check them into the rq23/ directory and add a link
> from the #grammar section.
> In Andy's repy to the comment, there's a pointer to yacker,
> and I can follow my nose from there to a list of grammars
> but it's not clear which is the relevant one.

This is true - Eric is there someway we can:

1/ Delete unused grammars
2/ Ensure all the generated parsers match the grammar.  At the moment, each 
needs to be explicitly remade, right?  Flagging when the gramamr is newer than 
one of the parsers and a "make all parsers" option woudl help.

The grammar is rq23final (no "-") although that is prior to the change made 
last week s/isURI/isIRI/g which changed the grammar in rq23 as well as all the 
text use of isURI.

> Is this relevant to life as we now know it?
>   grammar.yy,v 1.5 2004/11/28 08:28:39


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