RE: summary of some cwm/euler implementation experience w.r.t.accessing RDF collections

Hi Dan, all,

Yep that looks like a good start, I think the purpose is just to make people aware of this solution.  Maybe write the list rules directly in the document, rather than buried in a longer rules file, so readers can quickly see how it works and figure out how to adapt to e.g. a Jena or Sesame implementation?

An example from SKOS Core Guide:

@prefix skos: <> .
@prefix eg: <> .

eg:people a skos:Concept;
  skos:prefLabel 'people';
  skos:narrower [
    a skos:OrderedCollection;
    rdfs:label 'people by age';
    skos:memberList ( eg:infants eg:children eg:adults );

The SPARQL query might be:

PREFIX list: <>
PREFIX eg: <>
PREFIX skos: <>

{ ?x skos:narrower ?y }

  ?x skos:narrower ?c.
  ?c a skos:OrderedCollection.
  ?c skos:memberList ?l.
  ?y list:in ?l.

I'm sure simpler examples can be found, but this is the one I have from SKOS. (This query illustrates how more complex thesauri such as the Art & Architecture Thesaurus that have things called 'node labels' can be made to interoperate with less complex thesauri that don't.)

Another example could be something about accessing parts of an ontology where the OWL constructs use lists, owl:intersectionOf, owl:unionOf, owl:oneOf.  I don't have specific use case for that tho.



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Hey, that's a great start.

Alistair, can you take a look and see if this is helpful?
It's pretty much what I had in mind.

We'd just add some title page stuff and references,
and publish it.

Maybe one or two more examples would be useful.

Alistair, can you give us an example from an application
you have experience with?

I think I have a banking example somewhere, with a list
of checks or something. I'll try to find that one.

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