agenda: RDF Data Access 21 Dec 2004

1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda

  tel:+1.617.761.6200 code:7333
  supplementary IRC chat:irc://
    log to appear:

scribe: SimonR
regrets: ?

next meeting: 11 Jan 2005. scribe?
  reminder: 28 Dec 2004, 4 Jan 2005 cancelled

PROPOSED: to accept the IRC log from last time
as a true record.

continue the following without discussion:

ACTION: DanC owner of issue 'yes or no questions' (was pending protocol
ACTION: KendallC expose our walking tour data to SPARQL querying
ACTION EricP: find logistics re F2F5 at tech plenary in Boston March 28
Feb - 4 Mar (2 days). Some WG preference to Mon/Tue of that week.

comments on agenda? I'm afraid it's long. Please review it carefully,
since the record from last week is messy. I might have dropped an
action you care about or something.

2. XML Results format

 SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format
 $Revision: 1.12 $ of $Date: 2004/12/20 14:39:55 $

ACTION EricP: publish XML result set document
(hmm... publishing moratorium 20 Dec 2004 - 4 Jan 2005...)

3. Protocol Spec

ACTION: EricP to publish "SPARQL Protocol for RDF" pending approval from Kendall, TomA and AndyS

for my edification, how manyof Kendall, TomA, and AndyS
approve publication of what's there now, v 1.8 2004/12/06 19:22:10 ?
Is it sufficiently clear how you'll get the ball thru all 3
of them, EricP?

4. Test suite maintenance

ACTION: SteveH is willing to adapt his testing infrastructure to
generate input/output RDF/XML and typed nodes into manifest file

we declared this done last time:
ACTION EricP: come up with a specification for the "non-XML" syntax
(may be turtle)
in light of
but it's not linked from

ACTION DaveB: propose replacement for tests that have ?foo, ?Bar
Proposed replacement tests for those tests with ?foo, ?Bar Dave Beckett (Friday, 17 December)

PROPOSED: to update tests/data/examples/ex2-4a.rq per 0517


UNSAID drafted and mapped to SQL Eric Prud'hommeaux (Friday, 10 December)

a test re unsaid and inference

6. Disjunction

ACTION: EricP migrate some Algae UnionDisjunciton test cases

any reaction, Steve?

ACTION: SteveH own (i.e. propose resolution to) disjunction issue


ACTION DaveB: update w.r.t

ACTION: JanneS propose text for hard failure in the protocol draft

ACTION: DanC suggest formal definitions for SOURCE

8. issue languageProtocolName

Let's close an issue, shall we?

PROPOSED: SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language
 this will likely involve actions on several editors to update titles,
 abstracts, intros. Editors will please consider the impact before
 the telcon.

9. SPARQL syntax, QL pub plans

Where are we on integrating PatH's comments?

and timb's comments...
ACTION: EricP to deal with, perhaps by proposing something to the WG.

ACTION SimonR: propose test case for scalar constraint with syntax
uniform to graph constraints
some comment from PatH

ACTION: Simon to counter-propose something re unbound results
(records are messy... we might have alread done this...)

I wonder about these issues

In case we want to publish before our 11 Jan meeting,
I'm putting this proposal in the agenda so that everybody
has ~24 hours to think it over:

PROPOSED: to publish
  $Revision: 1.160 $
  plus any edits agreed by AndyS and PatH
  provided EricP agrees to serve as publication contact

Dan Connolly, W3C
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