Re: tests and inference? (and UNSAID)

Dan Connolly wrote:
> [...]
> I'm not sure what you mean; it makes more sense, to me, to specify what
> you're querying against in the FROM clause. If we wanted explicit
> support for "turning RDFS inferencing off" in SPARQL, I'd expect it
> to look something like:
>                SELECT ?C FROM rdfs(<mydata.rdf>) WHERE ( :x rdf:type 
> vs.
>                SELECT ?C FROM <mydata.rdf> WHERE ( :x rdf:type ?C).

very well
well, we tend to use a mixture of rdfs-rules, xsd-rules, owl-rules,..
and I'm not yet seeing how that would show up in SPARQL FROM clause..

> As I discussed earlier...
> RE: Test cases: source of a triple
> ... in N3, it's a matter of using these terms in the right places:
>   <mydata.rdf>.log:semantics
> i.e. the graph contained in mydata.rdf vs
>  (<rdfs-rules>.log:semantics
> <mydata.rdf>.log:semantics).log:conjunction.log:conclusion

right, and that could be like e.g. in first lines of


> i.e. the graph you get by conjoining mydata with rdfs-rules and
> computing the deductive closure.


Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Sunday, 19 December 2004 15:41:27 UTC