SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format draft - for review

I've updated
  SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format

to include some words as well as example, rdf query, xslt, XML Query
and outputs.  There are a few issues:

     ISSUE: This is a problem, you cannot distinguish a bound variable
     value with an empty string literal, from a variable with no

Either go with <var empty="something"/"> or omit the <var/>?

     ISSUE: XML Style - dawg-results needs a better name

If I called it results then I'd need some new name for the <results> element.

     ISSUE: XML style - rename variables to header or head?

But I can't think of anything else that'd go in the header at present.

     ISSUE: Normativeness of the XML schemas. Pick one?

I write in RELAX NG compact, so that'd be the only one I'd be
confident in.


Received on Monday, 13 December 2004 14:36:27 UTC