DAWG test manifests need classes for encoding file formats

While trying out Alberto's source tests (still doing that)
I met the problem I expected I'd get, you have to look at the URIs
to choose a parser.  We need to encode that in the manifests now
as RDF Core did for tests - see http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/REC-rdf-testcases-20040210/

I mean, please add X rdf:type XYZ triples to things like:

            [ qt:query  <source-query-001> ;
              qt:data   <source-data-01.n3> ;
              qt:metadata   <source-metadata-01.n3> ] ;

from Alberto's

to such as:
            [ qt:query  <source-query-001>, a mf:QueryFIle ;
              qt:data   <source-data-01.n3>,. a mf:RDFXMLFile ;
              qt:metadata   <source-metadata-01.n3>, a mf:TurtleFile ] ;

(or n3 file ;)

and add the classes somewhere, I chose mf: here as the namespace.

This lets apps reading the manifest use the rdf to see what parser to use
You cannot rely on mime types since these must run locally with no protocol,
can be local files and SPARQL or Turtle/n3 could both be text/plain.


Received on Tuesday, 2 November 2004 10:39:06 UTC