mail-speak [was: Draft: open issues around '?' use.]

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 08:53, Dave Beckett wrote:
> You mean .foo for a variable and :foo?  -1 to both of those

It's funny how idioms like that go from the apache process
into wider community use. I even hear "plus one" in
voice channels these days. Part of me is re-discovering
old idioms like "whereas... resolved" and "any objections?
hearing none, so ordered".

But it occurs to me that +1 and -2 are probably pretty

A straw poll, only tangentially related to WG business:
if English is _not_ your native language, do you
find the +1/-1 idiom straightforward?

>  as both of those
> are already overloaded several times in RDQL, SPARQL and nearby
> syntaxes such as N3.
> Dave
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