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Hi Phil,

Thank you very much for the observation.  Keep them coming.

At the moment, DAWG is only just on the point of having a protocol
specification so the relationship between the various elements of
the working group's outputs have yet to be worked out.  It is
certainly true that target identification is a necessary protocol
feature and that the API does also provide a way to identify the

There seems no necessity for FROM but it can be convenient.  There
are other local use cases such as scripts - SPARQL is not just a
query language embedded in programs - but the API case can be
expected to be quite common.

	on behalf of DAWG


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> Hi Andy, Hi Dawg comments
> I'm struggling to see the value of having the 'FROM' functionality in
> the query language, even in the local case.
> Andy Seaborne writes: (in the Named Containers post)
>  > [...]
>  >
>  > ==== FROM
>  >
>  > This is as much about "protocol" as query but its needed for the
>  > query case where there isn't a protocol layer."
>  >
> In the local case I would consider the protocol layer to be the
> programming API, and the FROM functionality fits equally nicely in
> this layer as it does for the remote protocol.
> Moreover, 'FROM' buys little in terms of interoperablitiy in the local
> case, since the client still has to use a seperate api to stage the
> RDF store(s) and actually issue the query.
> (all IMHO!)
> Cheers,
> Phil

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