Re: CBD - Concise Bounded Description - Member Submission from Nokia

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 19:45, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> A client C1 sends a query Q1 to a server S1. The response involves
> resource R1.

Take care with use/mention issues... I think CBD is
defined in terms of syntactic terms, T1, rather
than resources, R1.

>  The recipe is pretty strait-forward ([1] has some
> pictures of the product):
>   Include all arcs out of R1.

i.e. triples with T1 as the subject...

>   Include all arcs from rdf:Statements that involve R1.
>   For each object that is a bNode, identify it by an IFP, if
>   known, or do a recursive CBD traversal starting from that node.

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