identity management use case (take two)


here is a shorter version of the original UC:

"Identity management"

MisterX is member of the great FOAF community [1] and needs to manage 
his two different and
separated characters or persona(s) [2] using the FOAF Vocabulary 
Specification [3]. MisterX
maintains three separated foaf:PersonalProfileDocument (PPD) documents 
describing his two
controversial personalities. Each profile is put available to a 
separated public URI and contains
RDF statements describing himself and his personas as separated 

Matias, an RDF hacker, periodically runs an advanced FOAF crawler [4] 
which harvests each of
MisterX's PPD, keeping track of the source URI for each RDF triple 
together with his personas
resources scope information. Matias has also built a public Web 
interface to serve the RDF triples
resulting from the crawling process, together with all the 
provenance/context information associated to
the harvested statements.

John, an software engineer employed by XYZ organisation, is being asked 
to build an next generation
person information aggregator [5] which must be able to run RDF queries 
over Matias' RDF dataset. John's
application must be able to present and redistribute different people 
information grouped by each
persona/character in addition to foaf:knows  relationships.


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help to make the text more understandable.



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