Draft Requirement: Streamable results

3.? Streamable Results Format for Variable Binding Results

When returning Variable Binding Results (aref: #r3.2), there must be a form
of the protocol that allows streaming of results.  In this form, the results
must be returned to the client so that all the data for one binding of the
variables is available before data for the next binding of variables is

- - - - -

Alternative: make this a design objective and s/must be/should be/g

- - - - -

Alternative (weaker) second sentence:

A client must be allowed to obtain one complete binding of the variables
before the entire result set has been received.


I don't think there is a meaningful version of subgraph results.  If a
client asks for an RDF graph, then half graph is useless.

I have said that all of one query result solution be started before the
next.  This is testable.  While designs that intermix bindings of variables
are possible, it would require some buffering (maybe small) to deliver
results to an application.

This text does preclude "SELECT ?x, ?y ..." and returning all the ?x's and
then all the ?y's.  It would require buffering ?x's before the first ?y
appearded.  Normal API style is to deliver (?x, ?y) to an application as if
it were one row of a table at a time.


Received on Wednesday, 9 June 2004 08:52:45 UTC