RE: Bookmarkable queries

>> I think requirement 3.8 brings up major questions about just
>> what we consider a "query". Does a "query" include a
>> selection of the RDF source, or can the same query be
>> executed against different sources? (The latter seems much
>> more sensible to me...)
> +1 : I don't see why the query should need to record the
> execution but I can be persuaded by an example. At the moment,
> I see it as a protocol matter concerned more with selecting
> the service access point.

Although I was used to put the selection of the RDF source(s)
in the protocol (e.g. as command line arguments) I became more
convinced that putting them in the query expression is also
interesting. For a simple example that asks for the lat/long
coordinates of Chicago or Cambridge, see

@prefix owl: <>.
@prefix rdfs: <>.
@prefix da: <>.
@prefix d: <>.

(d: owl: rdfs:).da:from da:select
    {{?C d:cityName "Cambridge";
         d:latitude ?LA;
         d:longitude ?LO} => {("Cambridge" ?LA ?LO) a d:Result}},
    {{?C d:cityName "Chicago";
         d:latitude ?LA;
         d:longitude ?LO} => {("Chicago" ?LA ?LO) a d:Result}}.

where that d: is actually one of the RDF sources
and the answer I actually got is

("Cambridge" 42.3 -71.1) a d:Result.
("Chicago" 41.9 -87.6) a d:Result.

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Thursday, 13 May 2004 18:34:02 UTC