RE: Supplemental XQuery reading list

> On a different but related topic, since we don't have time 
> allocated for it
> on the agenda, would anyone be interested in a BOF for a 
> freeform discussion
> on XQuery/RDF on the Thursday evening say (after a nice day 
> of getting to
> know one and other and a pleasant dinner)? Personally, I 
> generally get more
> questions answered in one hour of face-to-face than in two or 
> three weeks of
> email and/or blindly stumbling around the web.

Unfortunately, I believe that all the lightning talks are scheduled for
Friday, so we won't have a common foundation for discussion on Thursday
night. (Thus my comment earlier that we certainly won't be ready for
language discussions immediately, because we won't have time to actually
discuss them much at the face-to-face.)

If we think this is really important, I suppose we could consider moving
the first round of lightning talks to Thursday, but it seems a bit late
in the process to do this.

Received on Friday, 16 April 2004 13:41:48 UTC