syntax error in testcase manifest


I'm trying to run the SPARQL 1.1 testcases at .

Unfortunately I run into trouble: at least one of the manifests (in
entailment: [0]) has invalid Turtle syntax, causing my test rig to choke
and halt.

The problem is the two last prefix declarations in that file (for sd and
ent) miss a mandatory trailing dot.

Could someone fix that please? It would be great if I could run my
testing directly off the DAWG testset.

Also a suggestion: there currently is one single "uber-manifest"[1]
which encapsulates all tests for both query and update, it seems. Could
I suggest a couple of other manifests alongside that, that group
different subsets of all available tests? For example: one manifest for
all query evaluation tests, one for all update tests, and one for all
(query/update) syntax tests.




Received on Thursday, 17 February 2011 20:24:34 UTC