Suggestion: Query By Reference


I have the following feature suggestion for the WG:

Feature: Query By Reference

Feature Description:

  Extend the SPARQL protocol to allow queries to be referenced by URL
rather than being included in the query string.

  The query would be found by dereferencing the supplied URL and
parsing the results.

  Just as an endpoint may decide to not process a query if its dataset
is unacceptable (e.g. if query is over arbitrary
  data and endpoint used a fixed data set), the endpoint might also
choose to not process queries of this form. This
  allows developers to address concerns over the protocol being used
as a vector for potential DoS attacks. Caching of
  retrieved queries would also mitigate this.




Existing Implementations:

  I have implemented support for this in the XMLArmyKnife endpoint

Use Cases:

Allow queries to be more easily published and shared between developers.



Leigh Dodds
Programme Manager, Talis Platform

Received on Friday, 6 March 2009 10:00:43 UTC