Citations in the upcoming SPARQL document

Dear all,

We have been carefully following the editor's draft of SPARQL at

This message is to call the attention of the editors regarding the
citation of prior work in the draft. Peter Patel-Schneider already
raised a similar concern about the criteria or policy of citation of
previous work in the area:

This message is to express our concern about our work on the
compositional approach not being cited in the draft. As you all
probably know, in June 2006 we submitted to the W3C the document
"Semantics and Complexity  of SPARQL" (which was published in ISWC

and then in October we submitted a revised version given a formal
semantics to a larger part of SPARQL (published as a technical report
at the University of Chile):

This work was very influential on the definition of the formal
semantics for SPARQL, as one can see in Andy Seaborne's draft about
the SPARQL algebra (where both articles are cited):

We are pointing out this not only for crediting purposes but also for
technical reasons: Several technical database arguments behind some
decisions made on the current design of the language were taken from
those papers, and are documented in those papers. Therefore, in order
to simplify the work  of future developers of the standard, a
reference should be made to this work.

We hope that our kind request will be taken into consideration.

Best regards,

Jorge Pérez
Marcelo Arenas
Claudio Gutierrez

Received on Monday, 26 March 2007 17:01:24 UTC