RE: Example Errors (sections 8, 9, 10)

>> My apologies on my lack of clarity.  The query is fine in both cases,
>> but in the data listing, the header on the default graphs is "# Default
>> graph", which isn't nearly as clear as, for instance 9.3: "# Named
>> graph:" which is what the query actually uses
>> for it's default dataset.  The point of FROM is that you're using a
>> named graph to specify a default/background graph, so it would be
>> clearer to actually have a name on that graph listing.
>> Ryan Levering

> OK - I see now.

> Would an editorial change like:

> ----
> # Default graph (stored at
> @prefix  foaf:  <> .

> _:a  foaf:name     "Alice" .
> _:a  foaf:mbox     <mailto:alice@work.example> .
> ----
> adding something to the comment in the data and retaining the point it is
> default graph and not using the term "naming" make it clear?

>	Andy

Yep, that would work fine; as long as there's some mention of the URI of
that data, so the query makes more sense.


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