Re: SPARQL: Charmod conformance [OK?]

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 03:55 +0200, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> * Dan Connolly wrote:
> >> does not
> >> conform to <> (e.g.,
> >> content is not required to conform to the character model),
> >
> >As far as I know, it is.
> >
> >An example of a SPARQL query string that's allowed
> >by this spec but not by charmod would make your point more clear.
> Can you publicly interchange sparql queries?

More on that separately, in reply to your "external storage" comment.

>  If so, it is possible to
> include private use code points in string literals (assuming that the
> format is actually based on Unicode, it does not say) which would then
> violate C073. But that's not what I mean, charmod notes
>   A specification conforms to this document if it:
>   ...
>     3. where applicable, requires implementations conforming
>        to the specification to conform to this document,
>     4. where applicable, requires content conforming to the
>        specification to conform to this document.
> I think this is applicable but there is no normative reference to
> charmod. Apart from the external storage issue, I would be satisfied
> if the draft notes that content is required to conform to charmod and
> implementations are required to conform to charmod.

OK, we're adding a reference to charmod; in the editor's draft,
you may find:

 A. SPARQL Grammar

A SPARQL query string is a character string (c.f. section 6.1 String
concepts of [CHARMOD]) in the language defined by the following grammar,
starting with the Query production. 

 v 1.441  2005/07/26 09:01:47

As to implementations, the QL spec just specifies the semantics of
the language; it doesn't specify any software components. The last
call draft had a few references to implementations, but those
have been removed from the editors draft (in v 1.442) in response
to a few of the comments you made.

The protocol spec (still in progress) specifies a network protocol
between components. For example...

"Thus, the query operation contained in the SparqlQuery interface may
return, in place of the Out Message, either the MalformedQuery message
or the QueryRequestRefused message"

Please let us know if you find this response to your comment

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