Re: SPARQL Query Results XML Format

The RDF Data Access Working Group has added a <link href="uri"> to the
SPARQL query results <head> in response to your earlier comments.  This
allows you to reference to external metadata about the query results
including as much information as you like about the query, application
or whatever you need.  That information could be in RDF but we don't
require it.

If you want to see the work-in-progress words, see section "2.2 head" in
at the end:

  [[For any query result, head may also contain a link child with an
  href attribute containing a URI that provides a link to some
  additional metadata about the query results. It must appear after any
  variable elements that are present.

Note that the above document is not a working draft and may change at
any time.


Received on Thursday, 21 July 2005 11:37:43 UTC