Re: Blank Nodes and SPARQL

Just a small point:

Jos indicated that he is using blank node labels such as _:e123_14_ 
because NCNAME is currently being used
in the grammar while Dan is using  blank nodes of the form  _:345c23 
(currently not allowed)

I  suggest staying with the NCNAME definition so that you have only one 
kind of name and an optional
prefix.    It means Dan would need to write something like   _:L345C23, 
but I'd prefer not to have names with prefixes being different from names 
without prefixes unless there is a compelling reason to make them 
The fewer special cases the better.

Stan Devitt

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Dan Connolly wrote:
> cwm has a mode where it makes up blank nodes based on line/column
> numbers so you can see where they came from and so they're repeatable.
> So we might have data a la...
>  _:l23c14 foaf:mbox <>.

I am using _:e123_14_ where 123 is tripleCount and 14 is documentCount
the 'e' is a recent change after I realized that NCNAME can't start
with [0-9]

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