Official response to RDF-ISSUE-153: Blank Nodes as properties in JSON-LD

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your feedback on the JSON-LD specifications. This is an
official response to RDF ISSUE-153: Ryan Laboucane: Blank Nodes as
properties in JSON-LD, which is being tracked here:

You were concerned that we may remove blank nodes as properties in
JSON-LD. After passing the specifications through the Last Call and
Candidate Recommendation phases, there have been no requests to remove
the feature. In addition, an "extended" mode of RDF, called Generalized
RDF, has been defined that allows blank node properties. Due to this
change, the pressure to remove blank node properties has been reduced.

At this point, both the JSON-LD group and the RDF WG have decided to
keep the ability to have blank node properties as a feature in the
JSON-LD specification. We believe this addresses your concern. Please
respond as soon as possible to this email to tell us whether or not you
are satisfied with the changes we made.

-- manu

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Received on Tuesday, 22 October 2013 08:27:50 UTC