Re: Your comments on RDFConcepts & Semantics (ISSUE-145, ISSUE-147, ISSUE-148, ISSUE-159)

Hi Guus,

On 10/16/2013 12:54 PM, Guus Schreiber wrote:
> Hi David,
> Thanks again for taking the time to review our specs and sending comments.
> Given the timeline of the WG we would like to move forward, if possible.
> We would be obliged if you could indicate whether you can live with the
> responses we sent you w.r.t   the following four issues:
>    ISSUE-145 (

I have not had time to adequately study the rationale for the 
identify-versus-denote distinction that Pat Hayes gave regarding 
datatypes.  Nonetheless, I think it is unlikely that this issue by 
itself would seem important enough to me to file a formal objection. 
However, in some sense this issue is merely a part of a larger iceberg 
that I am still discussing with Pat Hayes on the 
list, in this thread:
So in that sense, I think it would make sense for the fate of this issue 
to track the fate of that larger issue (probably under ISSUE-148).

>    ISSUE-147 (

ISSUE-147 is close to being satisfactory.  I am awaiting a response from 
Peter Patel-Schneider:
(Hmm, that's not the latest email we exchanged, so it looks like part of 
our conversation inadvertently went off list.)  However, I anticipate 
that this will be resolved satisfactorily, i.e., I do not expect it to 
lead to a formal objection.

>    ISSUE-148 (

ISSUE-148 is very important to me, and I have been discussing the 
iceberg that underlies it, with Pat Hayes:
I hope that we will be able to craft wording that will be acceptable to 
all, so that a formal objection can be avoided, but it is not assured.

>    ISSUE-159 (

ISSUE-159 is almost satisfactory.  I emailed Pat Hayes off list about 
this, and have not yet seen a response:
[Off list]

Hi Pat,

That looks good except that the font on the word "interpretation" is
wrong: it is not appearing in bold as other defined terms appear when
they are introduced.

Could you please fix that so that I can send back my official response
saying that I am happy with this resolution?


> It is not our intention to hasten you, but it would really be helpful if
> you can send a reply before next Tuesday.
> Thanks a lot in advance for considering this,
> Guus

Thank you!

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